Three65 LIVE From UCDay 2017

Date: October 9th 2017 broadcasting LIVE from 10am UTC +1 and OnDemand

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10:00 – Meet the UCDay Team

Meet the founder of UC Day Andrew Price (MVP) and some of his organisers and find out about the level of work that goes into creating this conference. Find out what is happening at UC Day this year from sponsor events to breakout sessions and also discover how UC Day is evolving in 2018.

10:30 – Pexip and Skype for Business with Graham Walsh

Our first sponsor session of the day with Pexip, a cloud video interop solution certified for Skype for Business (Infinity Fusion). We speak to Graham Walsh from Pexip about what they can provide, how their cloud works and how to leverage those investments in legacy VTC in your Skype for Business meetings

11:15 – Skype for Business Call Recording with Verba


12:00 – Lunch Break

12:30 – Microsoft Teams and Collaboration with Graham Hosking (Microsoft)

We are joined by Graham Hosking, Microsoft Technical Solutions Professional for Microsoft UK and we will be discussing the impact Microsoft Teams has had on productivity and collaboration within Microsoft and how it can help your business become more streamlined and efficient. We will also cover off all the main announcements from Microsoft Ignite and how that may impact your future decision making.

13:00 – Community Leadership and the MVP Award Program with Claire Smyth (Microsoft)

If you are thinking of starting to contribute to the community, or perhaps you are a regular contributor already, did you know that Microsoft rewards top contributors like yourself? Watch this session with Claire Smyth, Microsoft MVP Regional Manager for the UK as we discuss how Microsoft reward and support your involvement through the MVP recognition program and other programs that are out there to support you.

13:30 – How CloudWayAS is Helping Businesses in Norway Move to the Cloud with Stale Hansen and Alexander Holmeset

12 months ago Stale Hansen was made redundant from his previous employer. He decided to founder his own company CloudwayAS with fellow MVP and friend Jan Ketil Stanke. Stale’s vision was to create a cloud first company built from subject matter experts and fellow MVPs focussed on helping businesses transition services and workloads to the Microsoft Cloud. 12 month’s on, we speak to Stale and his latest recruit Alex about how Cloudway is helping Norwegian companies leverage the Microsoft Cloud.

13:45 – The Future of the IT Pro with Andrew Price (MVP) and Will Rowe (MS Employ)

The future can be found at the end of your nose! As we move into a new era of cloud and commoditized services, what future does the IT Pro have? In this session we talk to Andrew Price and IT recruitment specialist Will Rowe about what they think lies ahead for us and how we can start future proofing ourselves now!

14:15 – Women in Tech and Equality within IT with Jen Stirrup (MVP)

IT has traditionally been a male dominated industry. Did you know that women were behind some of the greatest technological innovations and events of our time? In this session we talk to equality leader Jen Stirrup who is embarking on a campaign to encourage neutrality within our sector, from Gender, Race or other disposition, hear about her equality charter and how everyone can take small, but yet significant steps to make everyone feel inclusive.

14:45 – Social Impacts of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with Tom Morgan (MVP at Modality Systems), Dee Chury (CTO at Dell EMC), and Shawn Harry (Independent Professional Consultant)

We are entering the largest, most significant industrial revolution the world has ever seen that will make Steam power seem prehistoric. The advancements in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are rapid and have huge implications on society. Can society keep up with innovation? Is disruption a good thing? What happens to humans when machines automate our jobs? What life will our children have to look forward to and what can we do now to ensure future stability? This is an interesting subject, one that has been floating around since the 1970’s but never more than a pipe dream or science fiction dramatised by motion pictures such as Terminator, Star Trek, Minority Report etc. However, today, it actually looks for the first time a real possibility that we may out create ourselves. Are you prepared for the change? In this session we cover the first industries likely to be affected, what the economy will look like and how we need to start preparing now for our children’s future. Join us for this interesting and often widely contested topic with views from the developer world (Tom Morgan), the new business world (Dee Chury) and general workforce (Shawn Harry).

15:45 – The Days report from UCDay with Martin Boam and Steve Harwood

With all the action taken place outside of the live broadcast we touch base with our floor reporters Martin Boam and Steve Harwood who have been busy speaking with MVPs, sponsors and attendees. We will find out what we have missed and the announcements from the days events.
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